Christmas Morning PJs

Merry Christmas from Our House to Yours!

We all had gifts we loved, like this Nutcracker G-Bunny got for T-Man.

Nutcracker Joy

And we all got things we asked for, like this paint for G-Bunny.

The Paint I Asked For

Hubby took over the Unpackaging Duties, with his new Multi-Tool from my Dad.

Still unpackaging

I got a new cozy sweatshirt (which I have been wearing non-stop to stay warm) and a Weather Center for the house. It will have to wait until the roof is clear to hook up the wind gauge, but I’m excited to set it all up.

Ready for the Weather

Hubby got a new TV, although we will all benefit from it. I can watch football from the kitchen now and people aren’t green and pink either.

New TV

Even the kitties got new toys.

Can't resist the bells

I hope you had a great day!