Ghost trees

I’ve been stuck at home for almost two weeks and that, combined with the Christmas Letdown, has got me feeling rather gray the last couple of days. I’ve really tried to not gripe about things because I know we are blessed beyond belief. Instead, I’ve been trying to find the humor in most things.

I’ve been talking about how bad the roads are here at our house, but hadn’t uploaded the photo proof. I sorted through all the photos I’ve taken and found these to be the best representation of the mess that we normally call a road.

Last week, we were doing this on the road. It was fun, until the city put down sand. Of course, cars were able to get up the hill again, but the sleds didn’t slide as well. That’s when we took to skiing around the house.

Crowded Hill

I now provide you with Exhibit A, B and C. This is what things looked like about noon Thursday. It got worse Friday.

The Road Mess

Our Road looking up the hill

The Ruts

I’ve seen more trucks in the last few days than I can count. This one was the most memorable. There were no doors and his girlfriend looked like she was having less than a great time.

Redneck Truck

I was catching up on the news, while Hubby was out snow blowing and there was an article reminding people to “Take 10-15 minutes and dig out the storm drains” to help with any flooding issues. Hubby finished the neighbor’s drive and dug out the drain there. It took about 10 minutes with the snow blower, so I can’t imagine that all our neighbors who still have snowy driveways and sidewalks are going to dig out their drains.

Storm Drain Duty

He then made a path down past our house and toward the next drain. I’ve never seen this much snow here in the almost 7 years we’ve lived in the state.

Monster at Work

A good two feet in the gutters

This is the front of the house on Christmas Day. My decorative star lights are either buried or broken. I finally unplugged them and will wait until everything melts to see the damage.

Front of the House

And this was the neighbor’s truck, before all the snow slid off.

Truck Mustache

***The Night After Christmas, by Me***

Big Plow Truck

We were settled in bed, when we heard in the distance, the familiar rumble and scrape. I heard Hubby exclaim, as he put on his shoes, “Hark, a yonder plow truck!” We rushed to the window and watched with delight, as bare pavement came into sight. Up and down the road, the truck came, pushing snow by the tons. And across our driveway a truckload of fun.

Driveway Berm

For Size reference

We paced and we talked, we got a shovel and sighed. We will need to wait until morning. “Still can’t get out!” I cried. Three feet from freedom, resigned to my fate, we went back inside and started to wait. Not much time had gone by, when on the horizon should appear, the blinking yellow lights and a huge truck in low gear. He worked slowly and carefully, clearing each house’s drive and leaving a path that was just two cars wide. We tucked the kids in and crawled back into bed, drifting off to sleep with flashing lights in our head.

Clear Driveway

Street View

It’s pouring rain today. Temperature is in the high 30’s and the snow is melting before our eyes. I don’t know where I’m going today, but you can bet I’m getting out of the house for a while!