Around these parts, 2009 is looking to be the Year of Organization.

We are currently knee-deep in re-organizing and cleaning the entire house. At once.

The kids both got new storage solutions for their rooms, but they need (my) help to get everything put back together. In order to make room for the new shelving, Hubby just took their old shelves and bins and dumped them on the floor. Now the kids are as overwhelmed as I am with the pile in my craft space in the garage.

Added to this, is both the Front Room and the Family Room. We got a new entertainment unit for the new TV and we moved the computer into the Front Room. I have two huge shelf units and tons-o-bins to fill in there too. I got an eliptical machine and Hubby wants to re-arrange our bedroom so he can move his stationary bike upstairs from the garage.

There is not a space in the entire house that isn’t affected by this, unless you count the bathrooms.

Hubby has Sunday – Tuesday off of work and his goal is to have the entire house sorted and clean by the time he goes back to work.

I’m really trying to be a good sport about all of this, but it’s stressing me out.