I knit a hat for Hubby over the last couple of days (while conveniently avoiding cleaning out the garage) and I finished it last night about 9:30 pm. He has been watching me make steady progress and getting more and more excited to see it coming together. He had brought home the yarn just before Christmas, his own choice of color and we decided on a hat.

Unfortunately, I was totally winging the pattern (how hard is a hat??) and I made it way to short. I started to panic as I saw the skein of yarn disappearing faster than it was reappearing on the needles, so I started my decreases and finished it off.

It barely fits me, nevermind looking completely ridiculous, due to the scale between the ribbing width and the (lack of) crown height. I totally bummed because it snowed again last night and I was really hoping to send Hubby off to work with a swanky new hat. Instead, he wore the newly finished fingerless mitts (that are too big for me) and I’m going to try the hat on one of the kids.

If that doesn’t work out, I may just felt it into a bowl.