I cannot do it all. There is absolutely no way to get everything done in one day that I think should get accomplished. Most of the time, I settle for mediocrity and go for the peaceful, fun route. When I have a deadline and added responsibilities, such as this reorganization or when I was working last year, I realize just how much idle time I have available everyday.

The thing is? I like that idle time. I don’t like being stressed out and feeling rushed. I don’t like being a slave to a strict schedule. I’m never bored, partly because I fill that time with things like knitting or playing on the computer. I play board games with the kids in the afternoon or pop popcorn and declare a movie time.

I was looking at a few news articles, while preparing for a lesson on the Inauguration in a couple of weeks and I was shocked at the schedules our new First Family keeps. Both Mr. and Mrs. Obama are accomplished scholars. Both are driven and excel in their careers. Their annual income is nearly $1 million dollars. In terms of The American Dream, they have succeeded.

I wonder about the costs of that driven life. The one that got them to the top and keeps that standard maintained. I wonder how long a person can keep all the balls in the air; children, home, career, personal goals, health and relationships. I wonder what will happen under the microscope.

I also fear that a lifestyle like that will become the expectation for our country.