I have spent the last two days consumed with watching the weather, flood coverage on the local news and the water level in the river near us. We are high and dry here at our house, but an event like this affects everything do and everywhere we go.

Currently, there is a twenty-mile section of Interstate 5 that is closed south of Seattle. There are hundreds of city streets and highways that are closed. There have been evacuations and school closures. The three mountain passes toward the east have been closed for two days already. There are land/mudslides all over the place. Houses are underwater and entire communities are cut off by road. There are places that have received close to 15 inches of rain.

I have taken a bunch of pictures from our little town, which is nowhere close to the worst affected areas. There is minor flooding for our area, but still a big mess for people to clean up. I have seen worse here before and it’s the reason we live in the neighborhood we do. I drove around and looked at a few of the houses we considered buying this summer, pleased to find them all dry. Some of the surrounding houses were not as fortunate. The river and the bridge is an easy place for me to see how the water level is fluctuating. This is the same beach I always take photos from and the same beach in this post.

Here are a few of the best pictures from yesterday and today, with more through the Flickr link.

Bent Branch Landmark Wed (1-7-09)

Water Over Roadway Sign

House Three Thurs (1-8-09)

South Fork of the Stillaguamish - Wide View

Water On Road

A House on Other Side of the River

Boat Launch