I’m not sure if I’m in love with the new template, but it definitely matches the gray mood and weather around here lately. We have been stuck close to home for so long, that Hubby told me last night he needed to take me out. I’m really starting to feel the effects of our isolation.

We are spending yet another Sunday at home because the flooding between us and the church was pretty severe. We didn’t want to risk a vehicle until we know the road has been inspected and is okay. It will be at least another week until it dries out enough to tell for sure. Just going to the library this week was an adventure. The parking lot there was overflowing because of a backed up storm drain and full drainage pond. The water was flowing out of the entrance and I didn’t realize how deep it was until I was half a wheel into it. Going home I made the big water splashes in the gutter puddles – something the kids think is really cool and it’s as close to off-roading as I can get.

I’m still slowly working on all of the “organization” projects I have on my plate. I have most of the craft stuff sorted, but don’t know what to do with all of the oversized art projects the kids brought home from school. I have a couple boxes of things that need to get put into scrapbooks, but I’m not motivated to work on them right now. I have tons of papers that need to be sorted and then shredded, which is on the schedule for today.

So far, with this new system, I have found that the kids want access to all of the craft stuff, but I have most of it put up in the bins and it’s impossible for them to get things themselves. Even my homeschool supplies have a bin. I feel like all my things have been put in little tiny prisons right now. I’m reluctant to get anything out, as to keep the mess from getting any bigger. I can’t justify doing anything crafty in there until it’s all cleaned up.