So many unrelated things happened this week, so I give you the list form.

1. On Monday, January 11th, I became an auntie again. Lily Lynn was born, 8 weeks early, at 5 pounds 3 ounces to my sister-in-law Katie.

2. We found out that Hubby’s dad is in town for 10 days, with a possible visit this weekend. This is good timing, as Hubby has Monday and Tuesday off of work. I’ll be getting the guest bedding ready and waiting for his call.

3. I am appalled that (at full price) it costs $90 for three bras. I spent nearly that amount for 2 shirts, 2 pair of pants, a sweater AND a new pair of running shoes. All told, I spent about $150 and was so excited about new bras that Hubby may spend all his spare change on more.

4. I got myself totally worked up about a book I read this week, Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston. I wrote up a review, but decided not to post it because I don’t want to deal with any backlash from it. I found the author completely self-absorbed, arrogant and a foolish outdoorsman. I’m only surprised that he didn’t run into serious danger before he did and I’m completely prepared to read of his foolish death in the future.

5. I will never get over the sheer joy it brings me to blog and surf the internet from the comfort of my bedroom, curled up in my favorite blanket, while watching shows on the DVR. The laptop normally lives downstairs, as to not interfere with the peace of the bedroom, but on occasion, while Hubby is at work, I bring it upstairs and enjoy the freedom of a fully-charged battery and the wireless access.

6. I need a serious and immediate overhaul of our schooling schedule and materials. I’m ready to jump into this with both feet now that I’m sure of what our goals are and the first thing we need is more structure. I always knew that we just needed some time to adjust and that time has come. I’m starting my search for a smaller curriculum package for this spring and I also know what we are going to order and start next fall. I don’t think it will be long before what I am able to teach at home will be mandated by the government, so I want to take advantage of the freedoms I have now. I also need to be ready to prove what my kids are learning and I need to be ready for the fall registration time.

I haven’t found a Home School group in my area, so I may just start my own. I have signed the kids up for a Day Camp at the zoo for the end of the month (and I’m really hoping they get in) and I am feeling the pull to get them involved in more activities, with a little prodding from Hubby. I have been promising Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts, but needed to be ready to be the leader. We have been wanting to put G-Bunny in piano lessons and she is finally showing interest on her own, which means I need to step up my search for an affordable teacher. Both kids want to take swim lessons and play soccer.

7. The Recycle Pile of Epic Proportion was finally picked up this week. Our last pickup was at the beginning of December and we were starting to become the talk of our little town. I would have loved to see his face when he realized that we hadn’t just taken it to the dump ourselves. We not only had the normal volume, but the added packaging of Christmas and a total sort and purge of the house.

8. I miss the sun. We have had super thick fog for the last 40 hours or so. I am glad the rain has stopped, if only so that the worst hit flood areas have a chance to dry out. It was forecast to be clear, sunny and near 50* this week, but we haven’t seen the sun and barely got above 40*. In fact, I had to scrape the windows this morning and I changed into a long-sleeved shirt and sweater because I was cold. I feel totally cheated and it makes me sleepy all day long.

9. In the Great Garage Cleanup, Hubby “found” the small fish tank I had stored out there. As is often the case, getting fish has turned into A Big Deal. I did a little research online about tanks, worried that we really needed a bigger tank setup for the number of fish I want and found out that what we have is ideal for ONE fish. We have TWO children that need their worlds to be FAIR. So when we were in town yesterday, we stopped at the new pet store to look at options. While we were there, the plan changed again and now it looks like we will have one Betta and possibly a Hermit Crab in the near future. I managed to delay the purchases with the need to find out what a crab needs. I turned G-Bunny loose to do the research for me and called it school. She gave us the report at dinner and Hubby and I will need to decide the next step.

10. I have been hesitant to write about my current fitness goals, seeing as it’s right after the holiday and everyone hops on the weight-loss wagon. I have been working since this summer on not just focusing on my weight, but being more aware of what I eat, trying to be more active and was ready to add something more for cardio. We bought an elliptical machine, my favorite torture device, to add to the stationary bike we already have. The first time on it I managed 8 minutes and couldn’t walk the next day. I waited a week (totally by accident) and did 11 minutes before being interrupted by the kids. I actually felt better afterward and my legs didn’t hurt at all. It gives me the motivation to keep going! Even the kids are talking about doing another hike of Mt. Pilchuck this summer, with more water and conditioned better.