What a gray dreary week here! We have been dealing with thick pea-soup fog and freezing temperatures for most of the week and today, the sun is finally shining with some confidence. I have been messing around with the template – Pez, I felt the same way! – and went for a more clean, minimalistic style, to reflect the organization and reworking that has been going on around our house. I really wanted to have pictures ready this week on a few things, but it hasn’t worked out that way.

I finished the second attempt at a hat for Hubby and it fits well. I just can’t get him to pose with it on for me. I would take a self-portrait just to get it over with, but he has it in his car. He’s also claimed the purple fingerless-mitts and they travel with the hat. I haven’t knitted at all this week though.

I also have most of the front room put up in bins and neatly labeled. I haven’t taken pictures of that either because it’s not all the way finished. I haven’t had the motivation to work on that, along with everything else that’s going on this week.

Hubby’s Dad was in town for a visit on Monday and Tuesday. The only pictures I got were of playing darts. It is fitting, since they were in the garage for at least 10 hours of the entire visit. We did drive to Hubby’s store to show his Dad and the rest of the time I was either cooking, cleaning up from cooking or sleeping. He headed back to California early Wednesday morning, Hubby went back to work and the kids and I declared a PJ day.

Thursday, I put my foot down and we got a lot of schoolwork done. We also went to look at a possible new rental, just up the street and just as I was feeling hopeful, I asked about their pet policy. They don’t allow cats, so we are back to looking. We like where we are, but the possibility of saving $300 a month, just by moving seems worthwhile.

Friday, (yesterday) I was stick-a-fork-in-me-I’m-done tired. I’m trying to get the house back up and running for my Sister-In-Law and my two nephews to come visit this weekend. They will be here sometime this afternoon and I am really excited to see them, but worried about getting the house ready. I need to get all the guest bedding washed, another set of menus planned and the shopping list to Hubby before he leaves work.

Coming up on Monday, the kids have a full-day camp at the Woodland Park Zoo. It’s the first time we have done this and I’m a little anxious about dropping them off for an activity in the big city. Hubby has the day off, so we will just hang out in Seattle all day – visiting the zoo ourselves if my SIL is still in town. I’d like to go visit Pike Place Market again, I’ve only been twice before and I’m sure we could find a few yarn stores too. I arranged to have the day off from my childcare duties, so I don’t have to worry about that schedule.

It’s looking like 2009 is the year I am being given a violent shove back into a social life and busier schedule.