Welcome to my new Saturday format. My goal is to post the funny, interesting and so-very-daily happenings of our home school adventures that happen every week. I don’t intend to turn this into a home school blog, but it is a huge part of our lives that everyone asks about. Hopefully, it will also help me refresh my memory as I look back over the year.

This week is a bit different because I am in the middle of yet another change in our schedule. I personally don’t like being tightly scheduled, but this way we will have a time set aside for everything. I need plan ahead in order to make time in my day for all of the crafts I want to work on, books I want to read, a time to exercise and even a time to watch TV. I know I need to set the example, so the schedule is going to be implemented throughout the house and I think some of that scheduling will show up here, in the form of a few theme days.

Doing Board Work

I was at my emotional limit early this week, so on Wednesday night, while the kids were at AWANA and instead of having our usual Date Night, I took my laptop and headed for Starbuck’s for a little time to myself. I played a couple games of Spider Solitaire and MahJong, while sipping on a Chai Latte and trying to ignore the business meeting two tables over, before finally starting on a Home School Schedule with Excel. I had spent the morning looking at schedules other home schoolers had posted online, printing forms that may or may not help me and making lists of what we were hoping to get done compared with what we were actually getting done. Once I got rolling, I quickly ran out of time, so I saved my progress and went to pick up the kids and headed home. I showed the schedule to Hubby before we went to bed, got his approval for the basic idea and did a couple of final adjustments in the morning, after talking to the kids. This is their schedule too and I didn’t want to start every morning with tears because they wanted to do reading before spelling.

We now have a draft schedule that will include all of the things I want to get done in a day, time for fun stuff that was getting pushed to the back burner and with enough flexibility that I don’t feel like I am being totally unrealistic. We will have a scheduled day for art, a day for science and a day for the library, as well as time specifically to complete any unfinished work from the week. I have a block of time every morning to work on Math one-on-one with both kids and hopefully enough independent work to keep interruptions to a minimum. I finally decided on and ordered some history textbooks that should arrive on Monday. I finally decided on this series, Story of the World, after reading a ton of reviews. These seem to be what I’ve been looking for and for the price, I felt we could afford the risk of not liking them. I got the first two books and activity pages, but skipped the tests. I also ordered an art book that our library didn’t have, so we can play around with some aspects of a more classical home school style.

We will implement the full power of the schedule next week, but we practiced Thursday because I was still on an Excel High. I was fed up with the whining, excuses and time-wasting (some from myself!), put my foot down and we got some things accomplished. We made up some ground in Math by doing two lessons, practiced verses for AWANA and while I listened to T-Man read for 30 minutes, G-Bunny showered and got dressed.

G-Bunny went up the street to a playdate and T-Man and I did a simple science experiment, Ice Fishing, out of Scienceworks, an experiment book we have had for ages. You can see it in some of the pictures, the one with the blue cover.

You start with cold water and ice cubes, thank goodness for the door dispenser feature in our fridge!

Ice and String

And then you pour salt along the string, which is resting on top of the ice.

Add Salt

Count to Ten and pull up your catch!

Caught some ice

We also tried using more salt and got out the Kosher salt.

Bigger catch

You can see the salt in this one.

Close up

And the biggest catch of all!

It Worked

The best thing about this experiment was that I could stand back and take pictures, while T-Man worked through it on his own. He suggested the bigger salt and was surprised that it didn’t work better than the regular table salt. I didn’t need to worry about gloves or eye protection either and clean up was so easy T-Man did it all himself too.