If you recall, I received this for Christmas:

Ready for the Weather

I’m a bit of a weather geek, so this was a great way to feed my interest, as well as work into a Home School Learning Opportunity.

My mom, who already has a weather station at her house in Wyoming, has also been a big supporter of this endeavor. While we were visiting this summer, she had the kids help her with gathering some information and showed them how the indoor monitor worked. Since it seems to always be windy there, we had fun looking at the current wind direction and gust speeds too. Anyway, when she learned this was my gift for Christmas, she ordered us the Official Rain Gauge to be an observer for CoCoRaHS or the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network.

Yesterday, Hubby got out the drill and we got the rain gauge up.

Rain Gauge Full Height

This is one heavy-duty gauge! It measures up to an inch of precipitation in the center column, with an overflow capability of ten inches into the outer cylinder. It will also catch and measure snow.

Rain Gauge - Close Up

We finally bought a cedar stake to use as a mast for the wind gauge. The gauge was fastened on with U-bolts and then we attached the stake to the fence post with regular wood screws.

Not Windy and Not a Cloud in Sight

The temperature sensor and wireless transmitter unit (with cover) was attached to the same post, just below the bottom of the stake.

Side Yard and Wind Gauge

Obviously, we have some cord control to work out.

A Small Cord Issue

I can’t quite see the wind gauge from the window over the kitchen sink, but we can see it from the bay window by the kitchen table and the back slider. I have space for the display monitor on the wall just above our white board and I’ll have Hubby put it up for me, as soon as I am satisfied that everything is working the way I want it.

Weather Monitor

I checked first thing this morning and the monitor says we got a wind gust of 3.5 mph sometime last night. The gauge is pointing the same direction as the monitor screen, so I think we have done everything for that correctly.

In summary, we set up the rain gauge yesterday. I signed up to be an observer for CoCoRaHS this morning and did the online training portion. Now, we are enjoying the sunny day and waiting for the rain. So very backwards from the usual weather wishes around these parts.