The first attempt at a hat for Hubby, that I wrote about here, turned into this.

Fern, Part One

This color is so good on her and her eyes just pop. This is the side view.

Fern - Side View, Part One

I gave her The First Fern and she has worn it everyday since. She even added a snowflake pin to it.

I cast on for another try immediately and four days later, I had Fern, Part Two.

Fern, Part Two

It fits Hubby perfectly and I’m so happy that this one worked out.

However, I can’t seem to coordinate Hubby wearing the hat and the camera with a working memory card in the same location, at the same time, in order to get a picture. So, I did the next most logical thing. I waited a couple of weeks until Hubby took my car to work, leaving his hat in his car for me to find during the morning school run and did the model shots in the bathroom mirror myself.

Fern II Side View

And this is the top view. I found out it is much harder to take a good picture of the top of your own head that in should be.

Fern II Top

And I leave you with my favorite one and what I will upload to Ravelry for now. Happy Knitting!

Fern II Eyes