I have been busy knitting the last couple of weeks and I have some things to share.

I finished T-Man’s fingerless mitts while we were traveling two weeks ago and finally cornered him for some pictures. He wears them almost constantly, which is great praise from any kid. He picked out the orange yarn and I talked him into adding the green ribbing color, to match the hats I had already made. I modified the pattern I used before, in order to fit his smaller hands and they knit up fairly quickly. He has asked for (and will receive) a matching hat and scarf to complete the set.

Palm-view of Mitts

I started a new pair of socks on that same trip, which are still in progress. I need to pick up the gusset stitches and knit the foot on this one, then make the second sock. I need some undisturbed time to concentrate on the counting, which hasn’t happened in the last couple of days. I can’t watch TV and turn a heel without messing something up. I’m also knitting them on bigger needles, but with fewer stitches than my last pair in hopes of getting a better fit.

P.A. Sock in Progress

Since I have been watching movies and TV shows off the DVR, I needed another project. It was this hat. It was very fast, just two days from start to finish. It’s from the same yarn as my socks, but the bummer is that it is too small for me. G-Bunny has yet another Oops Hat for her growing collection. I need to get some size 7 circular and double-pointed needles before I knit it again for myself. The pattern is the Hurricane Hat and searchable/linkable through Ravelry if you are there.

Hurricane Rosie and G

I’ve knit a couple of dishcloths this month too, although I don’t take pictures of them. I gave my SIL a stack out of my kitchen drawer when they were here, so I need to make a few more to replace them. I also knit her one while we were at her house. I bought some bright sunny yellow cotton for my next batch (to welcome spring) and I am feeling the pull to try out some different stitch patterns with them. T-Man also picked out some cotton and I will help him knit a couple dishcloths of his own. He’s tired of knitting little swatches and I don’t blame him.

Monday (President’s Day) I convinced the entire family to stop at Country Yarns. Hubby and I had stopped in on a Wednesday night and had gotten a less-than enthusiastic welcome, but when I checked the hours, I realized we were probably there during a private lesson. I really wanted to try again during normal hours and I’m so glad I did.

I got two new sock yarns:

Persimmon Happy Feet Ocean View

a nice red merino on sale (which will be a new cowl):

Future Cowl

a pink and white wool (beret and mitts for G-Bunny):

Cameo Quatro 220

and a deep purple mystery yarn from the 70% off basket. It was in the basket because the shop owner couldn’t find either end to the skein. I unraveled the knotted mess and wound it into two balls while watching Righteous Kill Tuesday night.

Mystery Bargain Yarn

I need to do some investigating into the fiber content before I decide what to make with it, but it was a great deal. I also picked up a new set of #2 dpn’s, since I’m having a hard time picking up stitches with the addi’s I bought a while ago. These ones look to be pointier, so we will see. I also might go down to their Knit Night sometime and see if I can’t make some new fiber friends.

Happy Knitting!