I finally decided on a History textbook that was affordable, yet packed with things to do and talk about. I scoured the Web for reviews and read blogs for tips. I spent some time right on their website, looking at the different workbooks, package options and recommended grade levels. They have broken the history of the world into four books; Ancient Times, Middle Ages, Early Modern Times and The Modern Age and have activity books for each text with loads of extra reading suggestions, craft projects (including the popular chicken mummy), coloring pages and maps.

I decided to go with just the Textbook and the Activity Book, skipping the Test booklet and Student Pages. We have an All-In-One printer, so I am just making two copies of each activity that I have picked for us to do. The prep time isn’t too bad and I have most of the craft supplies already. (No shock there!) I need to dig out a couple of 3-ring binders so the kids have somewhere to put their pages, in essence building their own history book.

My original goal was to work through one book a year, doing the more elementary level projects and relying on the textbook for the overview and then returning to the first book and focusing on the extra reading and more in-depth projects for deeper understanding. After reading the introduction, I’m not sure we will go back and dig deeper, but that will be decided at a much later date. The textbook is written at a level both my kids can read independently, so I am using it as a chance to hear them read aloud.

Reading Feet
The chapters are easily divided into sections (for fairness) and the kids take turns reading through each chapter. We have taken to reading while I am getting lunch prepared, so I can listen in and help decipher any unknown words. We all hear the information at the same time and I can ask questions as we go. I am learning right along with them!

New History

This particular lesson was the first one, about historians and archeologists. It just so happens that we have a new road going in behind our house and they must have found something of interest because this popped up in a yard down the road.

New Road Dig Site

We wandered down to see what was going on, but didn’t get the warmest welcome from the people on the dig. As a result, I have no idea what they are digging for or researching. We stood at the fence and tried to guess at what they were looking for. We watched them shovel dirt into buckets and sift it on the screens. The kids watched for a few minutes before they got bored and we walked back up to the car. One of the gals had made a comment about my camera as we were walking down the hill, so I kept it in its bag, if only to prove a point that not everyone is there to be annoying.