How is it Wednesday already? Well, I know actually. Monday was lost to the dentist in the morning and laundry in the afternoon. Yesterday, we did school and Hubby played Rock Band in the afternoon.

G-Bunny turned 9 with success on Saturday. We gave her some cash and headed to the Alderwood Mall for the day. Her idea of a great day is shopping, so we followed her through the various shops and I only needed to be pulled out of 2 kitchen stores. One was Williams Sonoma, as I am powerless to resist all the shiny cookware there! T-Man and I gathered recipe cards and oogled the $990 copper stock pot. Yikes!

We had our first Cold Stone Creamery ice cream and decided it was over-rated. We all had fun at Borders and I found a 2009 Packers calendar for $1. Good deals are out there! G-Bunny shopped and spent her many dollars on things she really wanted. And then we went to Build-A-Bear. Hubby hadn’t been the one and only time we’ve gone before, so it was a miracle he survived! We escaped the mall just as it was getting busy, with our two new bear family members and had a great lunch/dinner at Olive Garden. Yum!

Sunday was our 12th wedding anniversary. We spent it recovering from the mall… Seriously. I did eat my cheesecake for breakfast and we had leftovers for dinner. I think we were both full from the Olive Garden!

I finished another hat, so G-Bunny and I have matching hats now. T-Man took this photo yesterday on our front porch.

Matching Huricane Hats

Our weather has been windy and rainy, which limits the outings we can enjoy. We have been enjoying not having a schedule to keep this weekend and just hanging out at home. That changes after this weekend again, when I head off to Alaska for a few days.

Nine more days!