Hi there! Remember me? I’m sure you do, since February is shorter than every other month and in Other Month Days, at worst it is only March 1st. That’s my story anyway.

It’s been a busier-than-normal week around here because I’m trying to get ready to leave for 5 whole days. This is a first for our family and I’m so excited! I have been to town more in the last two weeks than in the last 6 months combined, with multiple dentist appointments, grocery/trip shopping and scouring clearance racks for good deals. Topping the list was my dire need of a haircut and so I set out to find a salon with an open appointment. The last time I got a Haircut went well and I had high hopes for a repeat.

This is what I ended up with, after some new layers and a thorough straightening. I am finally happy with the length, but needed some sort of shape. My stylist listened to what I wanted and was realistic about the time I want to spend on my hair in the morning. I rarely straighten my hair myself because it takes forever and my arms ache. It took the stylist about 25 minutes, even with all her tools and tricks. I really liked how it turned out and the best part of the day was that Hubby noticed right away and complimented me several time before bed! Such a change from last time!

Haircut Straight

Haircut Back Straight

I worked in a little stop at the yarn store that day too, since the salon was just two doors down. I picked out some bright yellow for something springy, a skein each of Packers yellow and green and a ball of a cotton blend for a hat I’m making for a friend, in trade for some stitch markers she’s making for me. The kids each picked out a ball of yarn (orange and purple) and I was feeling pretty good until the clerk was rude to G-Bunny. Downright rude and I doubt I will be going back to that shop. Crazy!

We have had rain overnight and in the mornings, warming up in the afternoons with clear blue skies and temperatures in the 60’s. I’ve been starting school first thing in the morning and pushing to be done by lunch, while doing laundry, cleaning and getting ready to leave town as the kids work. The kids have been spending more time playing outside and I’ve been trying to catch little snippets here and there in the middle of all the rushing.

Like this shot of my darling daughter, newly nine, but still wearing the wings without shame.

Angel Wings

Or acting like a lunatic that escaped from the looney bin.

Silly Ride-By

Or when I tell my son to “give me a serious Jedi-look” and get this.

Jedi Look

This one was, “Show me the scene with Count Dooku!”

Like Count Dooku

That, of course, led to other things.

Scene One

Scene Two

Scene Three

End Scene

And the last thing I saw before I died an untimely death.

The Last Thing