This morning started very early, 3:45 am to be exact, which seems like two days ago at this very moment. We got ready, got the kids up and left for the airport at 5 am. The traffic was moving right along, so we pulled up to the drop-off zone right at 6 am. I said goodbye to everyone and headed into the terminal. Alone.

The first thing was to check-in and since I am a dangerous, scary knitter, I was flagged as a threat because I was planning on taking scissors on board. Evidently, TSA’s rules are not good enough because I had to stow them in my checked bag. At least it was before security!

I worked my way through the security line, about 30 minutes long and got on the train out to the N gates, only to be told that the boarding pass was incorrect and I needed to be back at the D gates. I finally got to the gate, called my mom, texted Hubby and they called for passengers to board.

I was sitting in my seat at 7:30 am, but the plane didn’t take off until 9:23 am. I was a good two inches into my knitting by the time we took off, which meant that I ran out of knitting about 40 minutes before we landed. I couldn’t have knitted even if I wanted to because the turbulence was a bit much.

I landed, got my checked bag and my friend pulled up to the curb. We have been to the following places already this afternoon (even though my luggage isn’t unpacked): Costco, Fred Meyer, Schucks, two banks, a yarn store and the thrift store. I just got done watching “The Wild” (family movie night) and I will be heading to bed soon so that I can make it through tomorrow’s activities.

Tomorrow is the Ceremonial Start and I’m hoping for tons of photos!