I had a fabulous weekend!

This is the Holy Grail of Iditarod pictures right now. Let me introduce Lance Mackey, 2-Time Iditarod Champion (2007 and 2008) and an awesome individual. This picture was taken about two hours before he left civilization for a 8-9 day trek across the most isolated and remote part of our country. As I write this, he is taking his mandatory 24-hour layover in the village of Takotna (Ta-COT-na) and sitting in Fifth place. I’m holding his autograph in my hand and the smile is a good capture of how I looked all weekend.

IMG_9564 - Holy Grail

This is the new hat I knit on the flight up to Alaska in action. I shared a row with a lady from Homer, Alaska and her little dog. We both enjoyed the empty center seat, for different yet compatible reasons and I made so much progress on the hat that I had to stop before we landed because I needed to decrease onto dpn’s and they were in my checked luggage. I would have been golden except for the nearly hour-and-a-half long delay for de-icing and a maintenance issue.

IMG_9563 - Autograph Time

This is how I spent all day Saturday and Sunday while there were any dogs running in front of me. The weather was kind to spectators, so even though I was wearing all the layers I had, it was just enough to keep me comfortable. My ears kept getting cold where the earpiece of my glasses sits, so I pulled the cowl up to make more of a balaclava. I’m thinking about getting a shooter’s glove for my shutter-button finger in cold weather.

IMG_9618 - Me Shooting Pics

There is a set of Iditarod pictures on my Flicker page, which you can get to by clicking on one of the pictures in this post. I’ve caught a bug of some sort from my travels, so I’m feeling miserable at the moment. I’ll be posting more as I’m feeling up to it because I have lots to share!

IMG_5261 - Eyes and nose