I keep waiting for some free time to update all the things that have been going on here, but things just keep happening and I can’t get caught up now!

We have had family visits the last two weeks, with more lined up for tomorrow and again on Sunday. My Mom was here for a week, right after I got back on my feet from being sick. That was a week of my life that I will never get back.

We had horrible weather, so the new bikes she bought for the kids were only used sparingly and T-Man hasn’t been able to practice riding the bigger 2-wheeler.

New Bike Friday

We went to Seattle and visited my aunt, uncle and cousin for dinner one night. Hubby, Uncle, Cousin and myself all played poker,

The Poker Match

while my mom and T-Man played Safari Rush Hour.

Safari Rush Hour

We brought dessert, which the kids helped make:

Chocolate Curl Duty:

Chocolate Curls

Cutting the Brownies:

Cutting up Brownies

and it was delicious!

The Trifle

We did a little school, so my mom could see that I really do teach the kids and it’s not just a free-for-all party here all the time. I would venture a guess that she even learned something that she didn’t know before. I know it happens to me almost everyday!

IMG_1318 - Thursday Schooling

She flew home and managed to dodge a huge blizzard that was hitting the Plains. We were watching the weather and the night before she was to fly out, all the roads home were closed because of the snow and wind.

So now, it’s Spring Break, so I have A.C. for full days. This is my last week in childcare though. I have another job lined up, which starts next week. I will be helping with some cleaning and general chores for our neighbor that was injured in this car accident last summer. The best part is that it pays more, for less hours and I don’t have to bring any of it home with me!

My youngest brother is here visiting right now and I am driving him back to school tonight. It will be an insane 9+hour drive to Oregon and back. I have a contingency plan to get a hotel room if I get too tired to make it home, but we have more family arriving tomorrow, so I’d really like to get back tonight. We will see how it goes. It has been fun having a college student in the house – he is great with the kids and provides us with endless opportunity to mock his texting and Facebooking addictions. Of course, we have been on Facebook as much as he has and my phone was beeping more than his today.

Speaking of other family coming to visit, a sister and her family (the same that were over in January) are coming sometime tomorrow and staying until Sunday (I think), just in time for yet another sister to arrive for an overnight stay Sunday to Monday. These are all siblings of Hubby’s, but they are the only brothers/sisters I have, so I am dropping the In-Law part from my vocabulary. I will have time to sleep when I’m dead!

We had the first visitors to the hummingbird feeders this last week, so I have been spending some time with the camera in my hands. This is the first good shot I got, with many more to follow.

First 2009 Hummingbird

Happy April!