Something happened this past week that I had given up hope on. I had stopped putting positive energy toward it almost seven years ago because whatever I tried didn’t seem to matter at all. It broke my heart, but I was determined to move on with what I could have an affect on. Namely, my kids and Hubby. The final catalyst for that was this last summer, when I truly had to decide which direction things were going to go. We all had an attitude adjustment and things have NEVER been better. It is amazing!

With the boost from the house being peaceful, Hubby being helpful and understanding and the kids starting to carry some of the load, I have found that I have some extra energy to spread around. Last week was Spring Break for the public schools and that meant that I had A.C. for full days, all week long. My mom had flown home only five days earlier and I was finally caught up with the laundry again. The weather was being uncooperative and I was slowly losing my mind. I couldn’t hold school hours and we couldn’t go anywhere. I focused my attention on getting Hubby’s youngest brother to come for a visit. I posted messages on his Facebook wall, chatted with him every time I caught him online and finally offered him something he couldn’t refuse – payment on his cell phone account so he could text again.

I first met Hubby’s youngest brother when he was nine – the same age G-Bunny is now – on my first trip to meet Hubby’s family. We were living in Idaho at the time, engaged to be married and we decided to drive to California for Thanksgiving. The story is a classic now. It was a crazy trip, staying in Reno for the night, getting stuck in a snowstorm on Donner Pass (we are going to die!!) and my first introduction to my in-laws.

So on Monday, Hubby got up early on his day off and drove over to the (Olympic) Peninsula to bring back his youngest brother for a visit. I spent that same day cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming and keeping three kids entertained and fed. I was also getting text updates from Hubby every step of the way. We spent the next couple of days hanging out, watching movies, playing darts and a lot of chess.

Stretching the Brain with Rush Hour

Dart Masters and Trash Talkers

Wednesday night, I drove him back to school in Oregon. We left the house about 7:45 pm and if it hadn’t been for the monsoon rain, I would have made it back in one really long night. As it was, I dropped him off at 12:30 am and got as far as Kelso/Longview at 2:30 am, in rain so hard I couldn’t see, where I got a very nice (and expensive) hotel room for the worst night’s sleep I can remember.

The Hotel Room of Little Sleep

I was up again at 8 am, took a long hot shower, played on the computer for a bit and got a good cup of Chai for the road. I was home at 1:30 pm, in time to try to take a nap before the next wave of family (Sister, Brother and nephews) arrived at 6:30 pm.

I made a big pot of spaghetti for dinner and while the kids all played, we put together an All-Adult RockBand. We shut things down about 11 pm and everyone headed to bed. Friday was a mix of plans, including some snowboarding for my brother and nephew, a girls only shopping trip and Hubby working, but we played RockBand again that night until Hubby had to go to bed. I’ve never had so much fun playing it! We were laughing too hard at times to play or sing. We didn’t get to bed until 1:15 am (my kids included) because we stayed up to watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Saturday’s weather was beautiful and we went to the park for the afternoon.

NaNa in the Tube

High Swings

Tabloid-ish helmet shot

G-Bunny aka Runs with Hair

Sunday morning was a slow-mover. I made breakfast. Hubby and Brother scouted out yardwork projects. The kids rode bikes and ran around in the yard. Sis and I divided plant starts and talked about our canning plans. Too soon it was time for them to load up and head home. As they were pulling out of the driveway, Hubby was texting the other sister that was supposed to be on her way to our house, only to find out that their plans had changed and they weren’t coming after all. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to see her, but I’m thinking that back-to-back-to-back visits was a little ambitious!

All in all, I’m thrilled with how things are turning around. I feel like I have brothers and sisters again and the kids are building relationships with their cousins. We have plans in the works for the summer and things to look forward to. I might take the kids over for the Big Easter Egg Hunt this weekend, even though Hubby has to work, which I’ve never done. I feel like I can handle whatever might happen.