I have a To-Do list on the white board we use for school. Last week, the list was two columns and about 25 items long. Today, right at this moment, the list has 8 things on it.

However, I failed to put “update the blog” on the list.

I have been working on a new hat, but since I’ve frogged it (RIP IT, RIP IT) and started over FIVE times now, I’m thinking the yarn really wants to be a scarf (or something else?) instead. I also bought yarn yesterday for my first sweater. I’ll have more on that as soon as I get all the supplies I need.

I am hoping to get the Easter pictures uploaded in the next couple of days, but we have a busy weekend planned and I’m being realistic when I say it will probably be Sunday before I get to it. It will hopefully be from the sunny backyard, where we are planning to have a mini-camping vacation, as long as we actually get the great weather in the forecast. We are also going to try to roast Peeps…

Yesterday, the kids and I went to town for a few things. We stopped at the Craft Store that is going out of business, but I think their prices are even higher than before. We did find a few good deals, like a large pack of Sculpty clay (for a school project we did today) and some Clone Wars fabric. We didn’t find anything at the Going Out Of Business sale at Joe’s Sporting Goods either. I found some skis and a bunch of outdoor clothes that I would love to have, but I’m not willing to pay the 20% off price for. We stopped in at the Pet Store and petted some cute puppies just for fun, before heading to Hubby’s store. We scoured the clearance racks there too and then got the important things on my list, like cat litter, Mountain Dew and toilet paper. We will be going back tomorrow for the actual grocery shopping.

I finally started my new job today. I can’t remember if I even said what it was, but I am going to be cleaning for our neighbor that was injured in the bad car accident last fall. Today, I did a full clean of his bathroom and vacuumed the entire house. It took me about an hour and a half, so not too bad. I will go over in the morning for a bit to change sheets, do some laundry and maybe clean the kitchen. I’m anticipating about 10 hours a week, totally flexible and a lot less stress than the childcare.

I will try to be back with a less scattered post in the next couple of days. Enjoy your Friday!