So last night, this is where I was:

The First Campout of 2009

T-Man and I braved the 45-ish degree temperature overnight and slept out in the tent. We did decide to put the rainfly on, not because it was going to rain, but to keep a little more heat in. Hubby also ran an extension cord out from the house, so I had a place to plug my laptop in. T-Man is notorious for falling asleep exactly 3.2 minutes after his head hits the pillow, so I wanted something to do after he crashed. I knit for a while, but that is decidedly difficult without something so lean up against. I checked Facebook and finally started a movie about midnight, when the dryer (and by default the vent) stopped making noise.

This morning I was up about 7:45 am, after tucking my head back under the sleeping bag for a bit. I enjoyed the morning birds and the mooing cows until the school bus traffic got to be annoying. It was a nice break from the everyday routine and T-Man enjoyed it too.

We have been super busy this weekend, so I will only share a few photos of the highlights.

Alaska Boy cutting wood
Firewood Duty

Roasting Peeps
Yes, we roasted Peeps. Yummy!

Cozy reading spot
Home School Advantages for reading spots.

Pollen Dusted Pansy
Lots of planting happened. These little guys make me smile!

Fushia Leaves
The symmetry of a Fuchsia plant!

Pink Geranium
A cute pink Geranium in the planter box.

I hope Spring is visiting you, wherever you are today!