I’ve been having “a week” so far. Monday was lost to the rain and Hubby having the day off. We were all slugs and it was wonderful. The kids played on the computer or video games with Dad. I made French Toast for breakfast, Hubby’s request. I started the second sock of my Port Angeles Socks.

However, the downside to a day in Slugville is the realization, when you stumble downstairs the next morning for coffee which has already gone cold in the pot because it really WAS that long ago that Hubby left for work, as you look around the disaster of a kitchen and know you have a long day in front of you. If you are me, you heat up a cup of java in the microwave and waste too much time on the computer researching things to do on our camping trip, but nevermind that.

Yesterday was the Cherry Day in my week. I got dressed in one of the new tops I had gotten a while back, but hadn’t worn yet. I slipped on some jewelry and started right in on the laundry. In between swapping loads from the washer to the dryer and all the folding, I cleaned up the kitchen and ran the dishwasher. Around noon, I put on my cute wool coat, grabbed my grocery list (and one from the neighbor) and went up to the store for a little shopping. I found some great 4lb boxes of strawberries on sale for $3.99, so I bought two and sliced up one box for freezing as soon as I got home. I am seriously in love with the Foodsaver! (I did the other box this afternoon, just topped them and I’m going to freeze them whole.) I killed some time waiting for Hubby after dinner by playing on Facebook and lost track of the time. We were planning an early bedtime, but it was 10 pm before Hubby shut off Rockband and I realized that T-Man had put himself to bed already.

It was too late for a whole movie, but I did watch the second episode of Heroes (Season 1), even after Hubby was sound asleep. We have a few series shows that we never watched when we had cable and now we can watch them on DVD from Netflix. As a side note, it’s been two months since we’ve had cable and I’ve stopped watching everything (except for Survivor and Amazing Race) weekly. I wish I could say I’m making great strides in my craft-making wish list or that we’ve done some really in depth school projects, but that wouldn’t be true. I do find that we (the boys) are playing more video games and the kids and I watch more movies, which means that at least I am getting some knitting done.

We are planning our first camping trip of the season next weekend to the Oregon Coast, which will be chock full of fresh air, exercise and marine life learning and far away from electronic entertainment. Although the website does say that each campsite has electricity… I’ll use it to recharge my camera batteries and leave the laptop at home! We are taking Hubby’s brother with us, the starving college student who loves to hang out with family, but doesn’t have a car and our kids, who love their Coolest Ever Uncle. I can’t wait! Of course, between now and then I have a bazillion lists to make, food to buy and prepare, gear to check and double check, clothes to find and wash and everything else to do because Hubby works every day until then.

I’m laying low today (sadly realizing that it is already almost time for dinner) because of the migraine that will not go away. It’s been hovering all week and decided to assert itself today. I slept in, took it easy this morning and this afternoon as flown by in a blur. I manage short spurts of energy, but I’m really hoping it is gone by tomorrow morning.