It’s funny to me that people are concerned that we aren’t doing anything special for Memorial Day Weekend.

While everyone else is out camping, picnicking, traveling to see friends and family, having big parties and drinking THIS weekend, I get to look at the pictures from LAST weekend and be a happy hermit. We didn’t have crowds or bad traffic. We still had good weather and saw family.

The thing I’ve learned over the years, being married to a person who works in retail, is that you just move your holidays. Working on Thanksgiving? Have the big dinner on Friday. Not going out with the masses keeps me calmer and that’s better for everyone too! (Heehee!)

Anyway, we stayed at South Beach State Park, just outside Newport, Oregon. It’s right on the coast, but not as close as the little map would have you believe! Anyway, we had a nice site – near the bathrooms and the playground.

IMG_7826 - Camp Site

The first night, we got there later than I expected, so we set up the tent and made a fire before bed. Hubby and G-Bunny were up at first light Saturday morning. It was 6:20 am, when I found my watch and told her to go back to sleep. She responded with, “But we’re burning daylight!” Thankfully, Hubby got up with her and headed to the beach, while I woke up enough to start breakfast.

I had forgotten how long it takes to cook everything on a one-burner stove or over the fire! We had Ziplock Omelets that first morning, which were a huge success and will become part of our permanent recipe collection. I found the idea HERE. Although, I seemed to have missed all the controversy surrounding boiling things in plastic. Oh well, we are all going to die one day and these were seriously yummy!

The plan for the day was to go see a couple of lighthouses and poke around the tide pools. We drove the 4-ish miles up Highway 101 to the Yaquina Head Light Station, paid the very reasonable $7 (access for 3 days!) and took the first left down to a viewing point. I got out my camera at this point because I was shocked.

IMG_7449 - Surfing Spot

Surfers!! That water is super cold!

We walked down to the bottom of the hill and found a few tide pools, but the tide was incoming and I really didn’t want to get stranded on an outcropping. We found this little crab and played with him for a bit – so funny!

IMG_7460 - Scott's Crab

After a bit more poking around, we headed up to the lighthouse.

IMG_7494 - Lighthouse and Coast View

We watched the birds on the rocks:

IMG_7510 - Sea Gulls

And were lucky enough to see a California Grey Whale:

IMG_7524 - California Grey Whale Sighting

This lighthouse is remarkable because in the years since it’s construction, the 93-foot building is less than an inch off of vertical. Absolutely amazing! We climbed all the stairs to the top

IMG_7535 - Looking up the center of the lighthouse

and had a look around.

IMG_7542 - Prism rainbows

I don’t really like heights, so I was pleasantly surprised that going down was much better than going up.

IMG_7550 - Going Down

The view from the bottom was just as impressive.

IMG_7558 - View from the bottom

We drove back to the campground and decided it was time to take a look at the ocean. This was our first view over the dune.

IMG_7569 - First View of our beach

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for dinner at a friend’s house, where I didn’t even take any pictures. This was a family that we met while we lived in Juneau and it was really good to catch up with them and see their house. The kids all played outside and chased the chickens!